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"At IPP... Quality is Everyone's Job"

Indiana Precision Plastics is proud of a documented quality assurance program. With management commitment to excellence, there is a Statistical Process Control program in place. At the onset of each molding project, we define quality standards and assign responsibility to the individual machine operator at each phase of production. Our Total Quality Management principles insure that each operator is part of a team that is dedicated to superior quality products with on-time delivery.

The major processes use the following equipment & materials:

Equipment Materials Resources
Compression Molding
(1) 500 ton press
(1) 250 ton press
(3) 150 ton presses
(1) 75 ton press
Epoxy Prepreg, BMC, SMC COC Data Sheets 1 (PDF)
COC Data Sheets 2 (PDF)
COC Data Sheets 3 (PDF)
COC Data Sheets 4 (PDF)

Isostatic Molding
(1) 21" diameter x 36"

Teflon Dyneon™ TFM™
Resin Transfer Molding
(1) 100 ton press
Vinylester Resin DERAKANE Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin
Rotational Molding
(2) 3 arm and clamshell machines
Teflon Teflon® - Roto-molding
Secondary Services Offered
CNC Machining
30" x 16" x 23.5" high 
94" swing 
78" x 42" 
rock and roll capable
13" Swing x 60" Length 
40" x 36" x 32"

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